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Ways to Increase Flexibility (Part 2)

ways to increase flexibilityWays to Increase Flexibility (Part 2)

All of you who started to stretch after reading my last blog can now do the splits like the girl above yes? Great. You are flexible for life. It’s actually me in this picture from my gymnastic days. I wanted to be humble so I superimposed someone else’s face.

Keep practicing the first three tips I mentioned from Ways to Increase Flexibility Part 1…

Here are two more ways you can increase flexibility today!

  1.  Pre-Workout Stretching
    • Do you go to the gym? Walk Outside? Ride a bike? Start stretching right before your exercise of choice. It’s an easy way to mold it into your practice naturally. You have already made the decision to do a form of exercise…why not “sneak” in a few stretches to keep the ball rolling?
    • Stretching before an activity or exercise helps blood flow, lengthens tight muscles, and prepares the body for movement. Pencil in five to ten minutes of stretching and five minutes on the treadmill, and you’re ready for action!
  2. Cultivate Your Breath

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Ways to increase flexibility (Part 1)

Ways to increase flexibility (Part 1)

Ways to Increase Flexibility : Part 1

I was stretching a client the other day at his home and I looked over at his beautiful chocolate lab as we were in motion. Low and behold, Cocoa was performing a stretch of her own. (almost exactly like the lion above) It was one of those moments that makes you smile and internally chuckle. I enjoy providing others with specific stretching and flexibility techniques; ones that I have found to get results, whether it be with my clients or myself. The flexibility work that I personally do and provide to my clients is Active Isolated Stretching, with an added emphasis on  osteopathic stretches I have been taught, known as ELDOA.

I often get asked…What stretches should I do?” “How long should I stretch for?” “Should I put mustard on my stomach and then wrap myself into a pretzel?”

Don’t beat yourself up about the most exact, precise, and scientifically proven way to change your flexibility. Yes, specific  stretching techniques can provide the body with muscle lengthening, vertebral decompression, and an overall sense of relaxation. Most of your personal stretching power lies within developing a weekly schedule that you enjoy, holds your interest, and is easy to stick to.

Here are three tips you can start with to help move your flexibility in a new direction… [Read more…]

Let’s Get This Party Started

Let's Get This Party Started

I’m very excited to officially announce my mobile and virtual health and personal development coaching business. This has been my passion project for many months and I’ve put my heart into creating services that will serve you well.

If you are in the Greater Phoenix, AZ area then I will gladly come to you for personal training, nutrition coaching, stretch therapy and personal development. My business is a work in progress and soon I will also be offering nutrition and personal development to clients around the world.

Stay tuned for more about how you can create the most powerful version of yourself.

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