Is it possible to boost metabolism, get healthy & lose weight by eating more sugar?

6 Reasons To Ditch Your Low Carb Diet: Nutrition Experts Weigh In

First things first. I want you to recall a healthy meal you ate recently. Think about the types of carbohydrates you included.

Can you see it clearly? Good.

You may have tossed a mixed green salad, cooked up some quinoa, or made various veggies in the steamer or fry pan (definitely a few of the carbohydrates I used to devour as my daily source of energy). My clients journal about these carbs and they are the ones that I consistently see on most kitchen tables.

It took me some years to realize that a vegetable based carbohydrate focus is a low carb (low glycemic/sugar) approach. I guess I was too caught up in having shredded muscles and a lean body.

The phrase low carb has definitely turned into a trendy lifestyle and catchy saying. I used it for my blog title didn’t I?

Since my mid twenties, I have followed a low carb style of eating. Being an avid gym rat for years, I’ve been frightened and scared shitless of the carbs that are too high in sugars like sucrose, fructose, and glucose. (Read about my scared shitless carb journey in Part 1 and Part 2 on Ezine Articles)

I think you would agree that for a cluster of years you’ve been told to limit the amounts of carbohydrates that are higher in sugar.

What about the fact that we keeping hearing that many of us must eat more greens and high fiber foods?

Most above ground vegetables are not easy on the gut, and do not supply us with cellular energy on a daily basis. It’s a bummer that we keep getting told the opposite, and warned of hazardous health dangers if we don’t succumb to growing a garden full of kale.

Be careful you don’t cause an insulin spike! You are eating high glycemic carbs?…holy heck you are doomed for disease!

I’ve noticed this anti-sugar low carb mindset within many health conversations I’ve been apart of. Hell, I was one of the sugar bashing junkies for a long time.

I feel like I have finally seen the natural sugar-coated light!

The mighty leafy green low carb gods may strike me down for saying this, but[Read more…]

Best Way To Burn Fat

Do you know the most phenomenal way to burn fat and become a lean machine?

I used to ask this question over, and over, and over, and over. This vicious curiosity was always in the back of my mind during my days of intense weightlifting and physique focused development.

From an early age, my height played a strong factor in how I began fueling my desire to be bigger, stronger, and more ripped than the  typical man standing at 5’9″. I became hooked on exercise. I was sold on the fact that if I starting looking like a muscular bad-ass then I would finally receive the respect and recognition I was craving.

l used to follow every issue of Muscle Media magazine, scissoring out exercise and supplement write-ups which I eventually began saving in a giant binder. It became my holy grail reference guide. This guide was so chocked full of magazine tear outs, I started having trouble finding specific pages regarding the best way to burn fat or the top three exercises to blast your biceps.

Even though I had hundreds of wellness reference points, I was always wanting more.

I used to be hyper-focused on the fact that there would eventually be another magical finding regarding the best way to burn fat and remaining lean for eternity. When would the next cutting-edge belly fat blasting exercise surface? How long until the next miraculous muscle maintaining supplement showed up?

It took me a hell of a long time to realize that the best way to burn fat does not come from popping a few supplements, being in the gym six days a week, or finding the most amazing abdominal exercises.

The best way to burn fat is to… [Read more…]

3 Reasons Why You MUST Eat A Healthy Breakfast

3 Reasons Why You MUST Eat A Healthy Breakfast

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Your mother was spot on when she told you to eat something in the morning. I bet you have heard the saying “break-the-fast?” Eating a healthy breakfast soon after you wake up is powerful for the metabolism a bit more than you might realize.

I can recall my mom saying,”You’re going to be hungry later!” At a younger age I really didn’t think anything of it. When I look back at it, I can now see where my mom was right.

As a kid and teenager I never realized what would take place or how I’d feel if I were to eat a healthy breakfast to start the day. A big part of me feels that parents should be a necessary component to assist their children’s food structure, and I also feel that as the teenage years come, the individual needs to learn what it feels like to make decisions on their own.

Does Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms ring a bell? That bell used to ring sporadically when I was a kid. When I spent the night at a friend’s house I’d have a sugar satisfied soul. At home, a healthy breakfast had the tendency sink my smile.

It took me a while to realize the power of feasting on a healthy breakfast soon after the body rises in the morning.

Here are my top three notable reasons  to eat a healthy breakfast… [Read more…]

Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes

Is there something specific that you have been wanting to accomplish or a fear you have been wanting to reduce? Maybe sky diving, traveling to another country alone, telling someone you love them, confronting death or failure, or public speaking?

I can recall getting strong anxiety and my body would start sweating when I would think about a future possible moment when I MIGHT have to speak in front of a crowd. My fear of public speaking has drastically changed due to my actions.

I feel that quotes can be used as a stepping stone towards us taking action in life. I would have to say that one of my favorite motivational quotes is by Neal Donald Walsch…

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

We could probably fill up a dictionary when it comes to motivational quotes. This specific quote above gives my brain and body a reminder that I still have things that I would like to accomplish throughout the rest of my journey.

One of my relatives bought me a magnet with this quote on it some time ago, and I still love looking at it whenever I need a verbal self reminder.

For me personally…I enjoy living life with minimal fears. I like to [Read more…]



Have Insomnia? Think Again…

Can you recall the last time you received renewed and revitalized sleep?

You went to bed around 10pm without waking up once during the night to go pee. You naturally woke up between 6-7am without an alarm, and began to open your eyes with clarity and energy. Wouldn’t it feel great to experience this for a handful of days every week?

We could say that this type of body rhythm is the exact opposite of someone who experiences insomnia.

Insomnia basically means that you have difficulty falling asleep or struggle staying asleep throughout the night. (As a side note, I am not a doctor and am not diagnosing you with anything written in this blog…just providing information!)

The CDC states that “reports on the prevalence of healthy sleep behaviors and self-reported sleep-related difficulties among U.S. adults provide further evidence that insufficient sleep is an important public health concern.”

This doesn’t mean that everyone is moving towards insomnia. In my opinion and personal experience working with sleep troubled clientele, I do feel that many people’s lifestyles, nutritional strategies, and stressors may need a little support and modification when it comes to teaching their bodies to sleep better.

I don’t think we need to get into the statistics of people who are struggling with their shuteye and insomnia like patterns. It’s obvious. It’s a common theme to hear someone that you know share, “I didn’t sleep well last night,” or “It took me forever to fall asleep.” Three out of four of my closest family members have challenges with their sleep.

From my personal experience as a health practitioner, getting restful sleep seems to be a strong desire that 90% of my clients have. I have a strong feeling that most of you have no interest reaching a point of constant sleep struggles and insomnia like habits.

Here are some simple steps you can start taking to begin reversing insomnia like patterns… [Read more…]

Foods That Cause Inflammation

Foods That Cause Inflammation

Foods That Cause Inflammation

Are you aware of certain foods that sky-rocket inflammation, chop away your energy, and pack on the pounds? There are plenty. If there was a complete list of foods that cause inflammation, it would probably fill up a swimming pool. Unfortunately, there are hidden ingredients with every food corner you turn, thanks to the folks who like to see your food withstand a shelf life for 65 years.

Don’t get overwhelmed by my lovely swimming pool metaphor.

If there was a top ranked item on my foods that cause inflammation list, it would be Carrageenan. What in sassafras-ass is that?

Carrageenan is a polysaccharide (carbohydrate) that is extracted from red edible seaweed. It is extremely popular in our food industry; primarily used to act as a thickening, gelling, and stabilizing agent.

Now wait one gosh darn minute! Isn’t seaweed a nutritious food chocked full of minerals??

Seaweed may contain various nutrients and the commonly known element iodine, but [Read more…]

Smoothie Recipes

Curious about creating healthy smoothie recipes?

When it comes to the phrase ‘starting your day off right,’ there can be an infinite number of meanings depending on who you ask. It may translate into someone enjoying their cup of coffee, going to the gym, reading the newspaper, or spending a few minutes with the kiddos before they are off to school.

You will notice [Read more…]

How To Relieve Stress

How To Relieve Stress

I can recall using foam bats to hit my family over the head with…for therapeutic reasons of course. I remember all of us being apart of a few counseling sessions some years ago, allowing us to remain open and less stagnant within family dynamics. Back then I had no clue how to relieve stress, but I think my mom was onto something.

How often do you think about how to relieve stress? Once a week? Everyday? All of us have weekly stressors in our life. This can include mental, emotional, and physical stressors. I feel that it’s quite ok to have our occasional turmoil, but when life tension remains elevated, headaches occur, monkey mind ensues, and our metabolism begins to slowly decline.

Imagine being on a roller coaster. Can you picture the ups and down? I want you to think about the [Read more…]

Amino Acids

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Amino Acids

Let’s keep this blog nice and simple! Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein! There are twenty different kinds of aminos that can make up a protein, but that doesn’t mean every protein item has the same content of amino acids.

Certain amino acids are made within our body, and others need to be taken in through our daily food.

To keep it simple, I want you to think about amino acids as your daily protein intake. What types of protein are you getting? Fish, chicken, lamb, beef, shellfish?

When you get down to the nerdy science of these protein based food sources there are some serious differences. Yes, a difference in amino acids! A piece of muscle meat is harder to digest than a piece of fish. Why? Meat requires more chewing to break down, more acidity and enzyme secretion needed, has a higher fat content, and have specific amino acids that provide a different metabolic response. (keep in min this can fluctuate depending on an individual’s metabolism)

What is another protein source you might not be aware of, that contains a specific set of amino acids? [Read more…]

Is protein powder good for you?

Is protein powder good for you?Is protein powder good for you?

Have you ever seen the second episode of Southpark, back in 1997?

It was the episode called Weight Gain 4000. Cartman became intrigued by a 30 second weight gainer infomercial, demanding to his mom that he needed it immediately. The popular trendy line that many people repeated after this episode was “Beefcake…Beefcake!!!

In my opinion, it’s a funny example of how people get hooked on protein powders, weight gainers, and random powders that supposedly make them bigger, more bad ass, and invincible!

Am I advocating that you go pick up that oversized propane tank like tub of weight gainer at your local store? No. Am I encouraging you to watch the Weight Gain 4000 SouthPark episode? Yes! (not for the easily offended)

People often ask me about supplementation. I was just asked last week, “Hey Damian, Is Protein Powder Good For You?” I usually use my ninja verbiage to dodge the question, without sounding like I am too opinionated.

Maybe you have been told that you should buy a powder because it’s such a phenomenal workout companion. You might have been mislead to believe that you absolutely need a weight gainer to get large and put on size. Bullshit. It’s mostly about the  industry making moolah for the most part. Sure, there might be a time when you may need to use a supplement to assist your health. Using food as your supplement is a common statement a coach of mine always says.

I have had access to a Naturopathic Warehouse over the years, and have used some of the best supplements out there. It still doesn’t mean I need them to mend or heal my body.

Here are the pros and cons of using protein powder…

[Read more…]