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Amino Acids

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Amino Acids

Let’s keep this blog nice and simple! Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein! There are twenty different kinds of aminos that can make up a protein, but that doesn’t mean every protein item has the same content of amino acids.

Certain amino acids are made within our body, and others need to be taken in through our daily food.

To keep it simple, I want you to think about amino acids as your daily protein intake. What types of protein are you getting? Fish, chicken, lamb, beef, shellfish?

When you get down to the nerdy science of these protein based food sources there are some serious differences. Yes, a difference in amino acids! A piece of muscle meat is harder to digest than a piece of fish. Why? Meat requires more chewing to break down, more acidity and enzyme secretion needed, has a higher fat content, and have specific amino acids that provide a different metabolic response. (keep in min this can fluctuate depending on an individual’s metabolism)

What is another protein source you might not be aware of, that contains a specific set of amino acids? [Read more…]

Is protein powder good for you?

Is protein powder good for you?Is protein powder good for you?

Have you ever seen the second episode of Southpark, back in 1997?

It was the episode called Weight Gain 4000. Cartman became intrigued by a 30 second weight gainer infomercial, demanding to his mom that he needed it immediately. The popular trendy line that many people repeated after this episode was “Beefcake…Beefcake!!!

In my opinion, it’s a funny example of how people get hooked on protein powders, weight gainers, and random powders that supposedly make them bigger, more bad ass, and invincible!

Am I advocating that you go pick up that oversized propane tank like tub of weight gainer at your local store? No. Am I encouraging you to watch the Weight Gain 4000 SouthPark episode? Yes! (not for the easily offended)

People often ask me about supplementation. I was just asked last week, “Hey Damian, Is Protein Powder Good For You?” I usually use my ninja verbiage to dodge the question, without sounding like I am too opinionated.

Maybe you have been told that you should buy a powder because it’s such a phenomenal workout companion. You might have been mislead to believe that you absolutely need a weight gainer to get large and put on size. Bullshit. It’s mostly about the  industry making moolah for the most part. Sure, there might be a time when you may need to use a supplement to assist your health. Using food as your supplement is a common statement a coach of mine always says.

I have had access to a Naturopathic Warehouse over the years, and have used some of the best supplements out there. It still doesn’t mean I need them to mend or heal my body.

Here are the pros and cons of using protein powder…

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