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WTF is an SMS?

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WTF is an SMS you might ask?

It’s a brand new year and happy 2015 to all of you! What better way to launch my first 2015 blog with a topic that will heat you up a bit.

Before we get the blood pumping, first things first. The concrete definition of SMS is Short Message Service, also known as “texting.”

I believe the word SMS came from the Europe/Asia side of the world, as they have had short message services longer than the United States.

For my new heated uncharted blog topic (that I know you are not used to me writing about), I will be re-arranging the SMS acronym just a touch.

Many of my childhood television programs displayed a word of the day during each episode. My blogging word of the day (for SMS) is Sexting Message Service. 

Have you heard of the word “sexting” before?

Sexting = texting a sexual or sensual message to someone

Texting is probably one of the most popular and annoying hobbies these days, but I feel that it has allowed many people to become a touch more comfortable in many ways.

Have you noticed that you might say or share things in SMS texts that you were too shy to do in person?

For example…

“Really enjoyed spending time with you last night. Been happy all day today 🙂 ”

“Bought a new bra and panties today…would like to get your opinion later.”

“Something is wet/hard at the moment and I…?”

I think you get the idea here. I feel that my creative mind would love to share more, but I want to publish simple suggestions without too much judgement. 😉

For me, I simply go off spontaneity, creativity, and spur of the moment feelings. When I don’t burrow into thinking too much, that’s when my texts come across flirtatious, caring, authentic, and arousing.

There are millions of different SMS messages you can create within our potential vocabulary. Depending on what you are striving for, you can see that writing different writing styles will create different thoughts feelings, and emotions.

Being sexual and sensual through SMS texting will…

  • Allow you to escalate shyness
  • Help your flirtation skills
  • Stimulate your creativity
  • Expand imagery within your thoughts
  • Manifest frisky feelings
  • Develop a new spice in your marriage
  • Bring excitement to a potential date or partner
  • Bring an unexpected smile to your face

It’s essential to stimulate your sensual side in life. Each one of us have sexual desires, and I find that many people block them off or hide them for reasons of embarrassment, shyness, or lack of confidence.

Developing a sense of who you are with you own personal arousals will carry over into your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Texting someone a sexual SMS message is ONE of the many new adventures you can take on to create flirtation and sexual tension. There are plenty of other verbal and non-verbal things you can do as well.

Why not challenge yourself to be more sexually comfortable. Push your boundaries a bit with a new form of creativity.

Whether you are single, married, or have a life partner, start developing your SMS texting skills as an EASY & ENJOYABLE  form of creative flirting, erotic fun, and romantic flare.


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