Is it possible to boost metabolism, get healthy & lose weight by eating more sugar?

Food: Nutritional Coaching

I’ve been passionate for a number of years on educating others how to eat clean in simple ways. Nutritional guidance should be easy to hear and easy to follow. There is a science behind what we put in our mouths, but I find that most people begin to eat healthier, reduce guilt and self-punishment, and stick to a plan when its one step at a time. I am able to help guide you at the grocery store or feel more comfortable in your kitchen. With a personal commitment to yourself, my food coaching services will provide you with increased energy, an upgraded metabolism, stable blood sugar, better sleep, and a boost to your libido.

Do you notice low energy throughout the day? Food cravings? Weight gain even when trying diets that are supposed to be the best?  The simple fact is that most people are lacking ENOUGH fuel and the RIGHT KINDS of fuel in their tank throughout the day.

Let’s begin to change this practice by creating a personalized nutritional foundation for you. If you or your family is interested in developing a stronger nutritional lifestyle, my coaching package will be catered to your desires and goals.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition Jumpstart Package: $697


Health assessment & medical history
Hormone assessment – Includes adrenal and thyroid assessment
Food sensitivity assessment
Detox function assessment
Personalized nutrition and lifestyle protocol
1, 90 minute health immersion session
1, 30 minute follow-up consultation every other week (in-home & phone consults will vary)
4 additional hours of my time reading food logs, reviewing intake forms, answering email questions and doing additional review and personalized research etc.
3 month coaching package – program expires 3 months from the first session (first session must be booked within 10 days from package purchase)

Nutrition Jumpstart Package