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Flexibility: Stretch Therapy

You would be surprised with what a bit of daily stretching can do, especially when you have the help of someone to stretch YOU! Assisted stretching can help reduce your daily stressors and keep your body in balance. I am trained to provide clients with a dynamic, unconventional, and therapeutic approach to stretching (Active Isolated Stretching: A.I.S.) For my stretch therapy sessions, I bring the necessary equipment to you. A.I.S. helps clients quickly increase flexibility and range of motion in the upper and lower extremities. A.I.S. stretching help people reduce physical pain, improve energy levels, and supports athletic performance.

Stretch Therapy

All rates are for home visits

Single session: $100

3 pack: $85 per sessions: $255

Stretch Therapy

*Additional charges for home visits 15 miles outside Central Phx, AZ.