Is it possible to boost metabolism, get healthy & lose weight by eating more sugar?


Personal Training

(All rates are for home visits)

Single session: $100

10 pack: $85 per session: $850

20 pack: $75 per session: $1500

Personal Training

Semi-Private Training: 2-4 people
(Discounted Rates Available)



Stretch Therapy: 

(All rates are for home visits)

Single session: $100

3 pack: $85 per session: $255

8 pack: $75 per session: $600

Stretch Therapy



Nutritional Coaching

(Rates are for home & phone sessions)

Nutrition Jumpstart Package: $797


  • Health assessment & medical history
  • Hormone assessment – Includes adrenal and thyroid assessment
  • Food sensitivity assessment
  • Detox function assessment
  • Personalized nutrition and lifestyle protocol
  • 1, 90 minute in home health immersion session
  • 1, 30 minute follow-up consultation every other week (In home & by phone)
  • 2 additional hours of my time reading food logs, reviewing intake forms, answering email questions and doing additional review and personalized research etc.
  • 3 month coaching package – program expires 3 months from the first session (first session must be booked within 10 days from package purchase)

Nutrition Jumpstart Package


*Additional charges for home-visits 20 miles outside of Tempe, AZ.