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Have Insomnia? Think Again…

Can you recall the last time you received renewed and revitalized sleep?

You went to bed around 10pm without waking up once during the night to go pee. You naturally woke up between 6-7am without an alarm, and began to open your eyes with clarity and energy. Wouldn’t it feel great to experience this for a handful of days every week?

We could say that this type of body rhythm is the exact opposite of someone who experiences insomnia.

Insomnia basically means that you have difficulty falling asleep or struggle staying asleep throughout the night. (As a side note, I am not a doctor and am not diagnosing you with anything written in this blog…just providing information!)

The CDC states that “reports on the prevalence of healthy sleep behaviors and self-reported sleep-related difficulties among U.S. adults provide further evidence that insufficient sleep is an important public health concern.”

This doesn’t mean that everyone is moving towards insomnia. In my opinion and personal experience working with sleep troubled clientele, I do feel that many people’s lifestyles, nutritional strategies, and stressors may need a little support and modification when it comes to teaching their bodies to sleep better.

I don’t think we need to get into the statistics of people who are struggling with their shuteye and insomnia like patterns. It’s obvious. It’s a common theme to hear someone that you know share, “I didn’t sleep well last night,” or “It took me forever to fall asleep.” Three out of four of my closest family members have challenges with their sleep.

From my personal experience as a health practitioner, getting restful sleep seems to be a strong desire that 90% of my clients have. I have a strong feeling that most of you have no interest reaching a point of constant sleep struggles and insomnia like habits.

Here are some simple steps you can start taking to begin reversing insomnia like patterns…

  • Regulate Your Blood Sugar: this is a tough one to write about in just a few sentences. I find that most people are not getting enough gasoline (energy) throughout the day, or having their first meal of the day around 11am. Eating soon upon waking and throughout the day allows for a strong and stable flow of gasoline to your body and brain. Be patient with this, as regulating your blood sugar is the true foundation to stabilizing long term health.
  • Enjoy A Night-Time Snack: consider a snack that has carbohydrates, some protein, and salt. (greek yogurt & fruit or milk with honey and salt) I recall when I used to think that eating at night was a sin, especially when eating carbs! At least this is what the mainstream fitness magazines and media used to say. I felt that it would disturb my sleep and probably steer me closer to insomnia. I ditched that way of thinking. Little did I know of the therapeutic importance from using salt, specific carbohydrates and protein before bed; they act as a blood sugar stabilizer and help diminish adrenaline while sleeping. Check out this article by Dr. Ray Peat and scroll down to the paragraph where is says   “Blood sugar falls at night, and the body relies on the glucose…”
  • Adjust Your Sleep Schedule: try to get your sleep schedule as close to sleeping at 10pm and waking at 6am. Use small fifteen minute increments of adjustment, one week at a time, if you have a hard time going to bed early. Our bodies will begin to regulate and pull away from insomnia symptoms, as long as we are following a healthy circadian rhythm.
  • Keep Things Dark: artificial lights create stimulation for your brain and body. The goal here is to keep your cortisol in check. Focus on limiting computer and tv use before bed. Put up window shades or black out curtains to help limit light. Use an eye mask if need be. Say goodbye to the falling asleep insomnia symptom struggles!
  • Unwind: use some pre-bedtime energy to relax and kick back. Take an Epsom Salt bath an hour or so before bed; use from 1-8 cups. If you decide to use a higher dose, the magnesium will quickly help your nervous system unwind and also aid in blood sugar regulation. Do a few stretches, read a book, or have candlelight sex with your significant other. Let your body unravel from the daily stressors.

Got Insomnia?

I doubt you truly have Insomnia, but I have a feeling you are would like to mend your sleep patterns a bit.

Maybe you are getting sick of waking up in the middle of the night to go pee. There’s a good chance you are tired of having racing thoughts before bed.

Consider and start implementing the steps above, and you will begin to reverse insomnia like symptoms.

Choose one of my suggestions, add a new one every other week, and start preparing your body for restful shuteye in a new way.


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