Is it possible to boost metabolism, get healthy & lose weight by eating more sugar?

Creating Healthy Meals – The 3 Magical Macros

Once upon a time in the land of healthy meals, there lived the three magical macros. There was baby fat, mama carbohydrate, and papa protein.

You were hoping that I was going to read you a bedtime story weaving tales of healthy meals and magical macronutrients… weren’t you?

I sometimes find myself dodging the question, “can you give me some ideas for healthy meals?” I will typically perform one of those country line dancing verbal side-steps, for this one reason…
I love teaching someone how to fish which helps them eat for a lifetime.

Even as you read my article this very instant, my intention is to educate and motivate you. I want you to begin laying down foundational pieces within your nutritional world, so your brain and body will move down the path of least resistance.

I have found that most people do extremely well implementing change within their food habits, as long as they keep it fun and simple.

Can learning the nutritional ropes, basic meal planning, and eating healthy meals be as simple as remembering three magical macronutrients? Definitely. Understanding the foundational food basics is what it’s about.

After you develop healthy patterns and new behaviors, then you should consider diving a bit deeper into food specifics. Picture a house right now, and think of it as your body. Your foundation is down and you have begun to do very well at implementing healthy meals and habits. Your house has various items such as rooms, windows, a kitchen, and bathrooms. Cleaning and re-modeling these areas is necessary over time. Your body requires the same kind of maintenance, care, and understanding.

How do you start learning how to fish on your own? Grab your pole and let’s head down to the river for a bit.

The three magical macronutrients that we need daily are:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fat

The foundational key for maintaining basic healthy meals is to start eating all three of them at your snacks and meals.

Each one of these magical goodies provides the body with specific support. Here are a few of them:

  • Hormonal Harmony
  • Gastrointestinal Support
  • Vitamins & Minerals (Various Functions)
  • Bone & Muscle Reinforcement
  • Growth & Repair (Various Regions)
  • Cellular Energy
  • Detoxifciation Maintenance
  • Immune System Balance

When you eat all three macronutrients in one meal, you will experience:

  • Balanced Blood Sugar
  • Reduced Food Cravings
  • Lasting Energy
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Workouts
  • Weight Loss
  • Decreased Stress
  • Improved Digestion

I bet you have another curiosity about which specific macros to use with your healthy meals. Put that to the side for a second. Practice the art of simply noticing what magical macronutrients you are eating throughout the day. Use a journal if that helps you keep track.

Here is another goodie for you to munch on…

Start modifying your ratios to mimic the order of my first bullet list above. Adjust your meals and snacks to contain mostly carbohydrates, then protein, and then fat.

Yes, I just recommended you to eat more carbohydrates! Does that freak you out? I’ll get to some of the reasons behind that in a different write up.

I have a strong feeling that you have been eating a larger dose of protein, some fat, and very light carbohydrates (especially ones that have no glycemic index/sugar right?)

The far away land of healthy meals and magical macros is not so far away now. It’s right in front of you and within your reach. Let’s make a deal. I’ll dive deeper into carbohydrate fun, food specifics, and what macros you can reap the most benefits from. You must promise to take the steps of learning how to fish.

Curious about learning how to catch bigger fish? Check out my website and sign up for my free guide!

You will receive specific food recommendations (will make you think twice about what you are currently eating), smoothies to boost your metabolism, and a realistic goal-getting guide.

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Is it possible to boost your metabolism, get healthy & lose weight by eating more sugar?
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