Is it possible to boost metabolism, get healthy & lose weight by eating more sugar?

Sea Salt Your Day To Keep The Nasties Away

Sea Salt Your Day To Keep The Nasties Away

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Many people have more fear of using salt in their diet compared to public speaking, heights, and spiders.

Have you been told to lower your salt intake because of high blood pressure? Do you feel that salt will dehydrate you and shrivel you up like a prune? (I am not a medical doctor, and am not giving out any type of diagnosis here, just sharing my experience and advice)

Using the right type and amount of the right kind of sea salt is NECESSARY for your body to function on a daily basis! Quality sea salt packs a serious metabolic punch that you should not miss.

I am the type of person and health practitioner that enjoys knowing WHY and HOW something hinders or helps the body.

Doesn’t it seem like many “educators” simply state things like “don’t eat salt because it raises your blood pressure,” or “you should eat low carb because you need to keep your blood sugar stable.”

Those are all statements without true explanation, in my opinion.

Many times people just repeat what they have heard from others. “You should be eating a raw kale salad everyday because it’s full of nutritious goodies.” Once again, just a statement that goes nowhere.

Thanks to the work of Dr. Ray Peat and the Metabolic Blueprint course I have taken from Josh and Jeanne Rubin, my views on many things have shifted…especially my view on salt.

How worried are you about the common blood pressure fear? I’d like to shed some new light on things. [Read more…]

Crossfit Workouts: What’s The Hype?

Crossfit Workouts: What’s The Hype?

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I have been exercising since the age of 15. For approximately 20 years now I have exercised alone.


I don’t regret those years of gym rat passion, but I have finally seen a new dimension to my world of exercise.

Over the past few months, the CrossFit workouts I’ve experienced have me as happy as a clam.

There are many philosophies, techniques, and opinions when it comes to nutrition and exercise. I have my own as well.

I have lightened up over the years…thank goodness.

I focus on placing a bit more emphasis on educating others with what I have studied and share my own personal experience, versus trying to influence someone to be the way I feel they should be. (It’s ok to get a little influenced as you continue to read this amazing article on Crossfit workouts 😉 )

In my opinion, as long as you are free of serious injury and illness, and have some foundation of  exercise awareness and form, consider checking out one of your local CrossFit “boxes” to experience fun, encouraging, and challenging CrossFit workouts.

Crossfit has received plenty of bad press and been hit on the head repeatedly like a hammer craving a nail.

Here is an essential excerpt from my article published on titled “4 Powerful Perks of CrossFit Workouts”… [Read more…]

Step Up Your Interpersonal Skills

Step Up Your Interpersonal Skills

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I want you to recall a good experience you had at a recent business you visited. Maybe it was a salon, a gas station, a coffee shop, or at a restaurant.

Think about the positive interaction that took place.

You might remember someone greeting you or chatting you up in an authentic way, a manager coming over to listen intently to your feedback, or someone asking you unique and thorough questions showing that they want to be of true service.

Start developing deeper interpersonal skills and you will begin to notice how you become more balanced mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I feel that interpersonal skills don’t consist of some rule book you flip through and follow.

Interpersonal skills are not behaviors that help you get ahead or make you look glamorous in other people’s eyes. [Read more…]

WTF is an SMS?

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WTF is an SMS you might ask?

It’s a brand new year and happy 2015 to all of you! What better way to launch my first 2015 blog with a topic that will heat you up a bit.

Before we get the blood pumping, first things first. The concrete definition of SMS is Short Message Service, also known as “texting.”

I believe the word SMS came from the Europe/Asia side of the world, as they have had short message services longer than the United States.

For my new heated uncharted blog topic (that I know you are not used to me writing about), I will be re-arranging the SMS acronym just a touch.

Many of my childhood television programs displayed a word of the day during each episode. My blogging word of the day (for SMS) is Sexting Message Service. 

Have you heard of the word “sexting” before?

Sexting = texting a sexual or sensual message to someone

Texting is probably one of the most popular and annoying hobbies these days, but I feel that it has allowed many people to become a touch more comfortable in many ways.

Have you noticed that you might say or share things in SMS texts that you were too shy to do in person?

For example… [Read more…]

Reduce Your Fear Of Public Speaking & Embrace Your Sweaty Armpits

Reduce Your Fear Of Public Speaking & Embrace Your Sweaty Armpits

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The fear of public speaking has been in many people’s top ten list of fears for quite some time.

What makes this fear so strong?

I can speak for myself, and a few others I’ve talked to. The fear of public speaking rings true to many for a few reasons…


  • We are worried about looking bad and making a mistake
  • Self doubt surfaces
  • Lack of skill. Many of us stop consistently practicing after high school
  • Many people feel extremely vulnerable and are worried about judgement
  • Public speaking is barely installed during schooling (maybe more within a college major)
  • Sufficient preparation and practice is usually avoided
  • We feel threatened on a biochemical level; tendency to avoid when our comfort zone is breached

My fear of public speaking was very strong for years. Let me paint a quick picture, to give you an idea of what I would put myself through. [Read more…]

Baked Apples

Baked Apples

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I love the smell of festive fall dishes that include ingredients such as apples and cinnamon. During this time of year, baked apples are an easy, healthy, and versitle fruit dish you can whip up.

Remember…using fruit is an optimal carbohydrate choice for restoring glycogen in the body, improving the thyroid, and boosting your metabolism.

Many fruit options are out of season during this time of year, so start using apples as your weekly healthy carbohydrates source.

Once you have a dish of baked apples prepared, you can…

  • Stir them in plain yogurt
  • Make a compote
  • Eat them as a side dish with your meal
  • Put ’em in a pie
  • Spoon them over ice-cream (Three Twins Madagascar Vanilla highly recommended)
  • Mix them in a smoothie

There are various recipes out there for baked apples. Feel free to modify the recipe below in any way that suits your liking.

Here is one that is very simple to prepare… [Read more…]

6 Reasons To Ditch Your Low Carb Diet: Nutrition Experts Weigh In

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Is a low carb diet the right path to healthy weight loss?

First things first. I want you to recall a healthy meal you ate recently. Think about the types of carbohydrates you included.

Can you see it clearly? Good.

You may have tossed a mixed green salad, cooked up some quinoa, or made various veggies in the steamer or fry pan (definitely a few of the carbohydrates I used to devour as my daily source of energy). My clients journal about these carbs and they are the ones that I consistently see on most kitchen tables.

It took me some years to realize that a vegetable based carbohydrate focus is a low carb (low glycemic/sugar) approach. I guess I was too caught up in having shredded muscles and a lean body.

The phrase low carb has definitely turned into a trendy lifestyle and catchy saying. I used it for my blog title didn’t I?

Since my mid twenties, I have followed a low carb style of eating. Being an avid gym rat for years, I’ve been frightened and scared shitless of the carbs that are too high in sugars like sucrose, fructose, and glucose. (Read about my scared shitless carb journey in Part 1 and Part 2 on Ezine Articles)

I think you would agree that for a cluster of years you’ve been told to limit the amounts of carbohydrates that are higher in sugar.

What about the fact that we keeping hearing that many of us must eat more greens and high fiber foods?

Most above ground vegetables are not easy on the gut, and do not supply us with cellular energy on a daily basis. It’s a bummer that we keep getting told the opposite, and warned of hazardous health dangers if we don’t succumb to growing a garden full of kale.

Be careful you don’t cause an insulin spike! You are eating high glycemic carbs?…holy heck you are doomed for disease!

I’ve noticed this anti-sugar low carb mindset within many health conversations I’ve been apart of. Hell, I was one of the sugar bashing junkies for a long time.

I feel like I have finally seen the natural sugar-coated light!

The mighty leafy green low carb gods may strike me down for saying this, but[Read more…]

Confused About The Caffeine In Coffee?

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Confused About The Caffeine In Coffee?

I was sitting with a friend the other day in the perfect Arizona weather, drinking a lovely Cup O’ Joe. We started gabbing about the amount of caffeine in coffee. (Picture a couple Jews, somewhat like Mike Myers old SNL “Coffee Talk”)

She made a funny comment to me regarding the tiny yet robust espresso that I was savoring.

“How can you drink that stuff, it’s so strong!” she belted out. “Plus, you are going to be vacuuming the ceilings when you get home!”

With a giant coffee smile I shared with her that I truly enjoy the slightly bitter taste of coffee. I was eager to sit and enjoy our time together, and was trying to avoid a side tracking nutritional monologue that I sometimes get myself into.

After her nutritional proving, I eventually started sharing details about how the caffeine in drip coffee is usually more than espresso (depending on the size and amount of course). Her facial features resembled a first time coffee drinker downing the bitterness for the first time. “You are off your rocker!” she replied to me.

Our conversation was lively and fun, with us turning to the internet to get a glance at articles sharing the caffeine in coffee numbers.

After doing a bit of detective diving, we decided to go with the mainstream Mayo Clinic website. If you look around, you will find that the caffeine in coffee numbers vary a bit but are fairly close.

According to their site, “The actual caffeine content of the same coffee drink can vary from day to day – even at the same coffee shop – because of various factors, such as roasting and grinding as well as brewing time.”

Here are some of the numbers from the Mayo Clinic’s site, regarding what you are sipping on…

[Read more…]

Best Way To Burn Fat

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Do you know the most phenomenal way to burn fat and become a lean machine?

I used to ask this question over, and over, and over, and over. This vicious curiosity was always in the back of my mind during my days of intense weightlifting and physique focused development.

From an early age, my height played a strong factor in how I began fueling my desire to be bigger, stronger, and more ripped than the  typical man standing at 5’9″. I became hooked on exercise. I was sold on the fact that if I starting looking like a muscular bad-ass then I would finally receive the respect and recognition I was craving.

l used to follow every issue of Muscle Media magazine, scissoring out exercise and supplement write-ups which I eventually began saving in a giant binder. It became my holy grail reference guide. This guide was so chocked full of magazine tear outs, I started having trouble finding specific pages regarding the best way to burn fat or the top three exercises to blast your biceps.

Even though I had hundreds of wellness reference points, I was always wanting more.

I used to be hyper-focused on the fact that there would eventually be another magical finding regarding the best way to burn fat and remaining lean for eternity. When would the next cutting-edge belly fat blasting exercise surface? How long until the next miraculous muscle maintaining supplement showed up?

It took me a hell of a long time to realize that the best way to burn fat does not come from popping a few supplements, being in the gym six days a week, or finding the most amazing abdominal exercises.

The best way to burn fat is to… [Read more…]

3 Reasons Why You MUST Eat A Healthy Breakfast

3 Reasons Why You MUST Eat A Healthy Breakfast

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Your mother was spot on when she told you to eat something in the morning. I bet you have heard the saying “break-the-fast?” Eating a healthy breakfast soon after you wake up is powerful for the metabolism a bit more than you might realize.

I can recall my mom saying,”You’re going to be hungry later!” At a younger age I really didn’t think anything of it. When I look back at it, I can now see where my mom was right.

As a kid and teenager I never realized what would take place or how I’d feel if I were to eat a healthy breakfast to start the day. A big part of me feels that parents should be a necessary component to assist their children’s food structure, and I also feel that as the teenage years come, the individual needs to learn what it feels like to make decisions on their own.

Does Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms ring a bell? That bell used to ring sporadically when I was a kid. When I spent the night at a friend’s house I’d have a sugar satisfied soul. At home, a healthy breakfast had the tendency sink my smile.

It took me a while to realize the power of feasting on a healthy breakfast soon after the body rises in the morning.

Here are my top three notable reasons  to eat a healthy breakfast… [Read more…]